King Solomon Lodge 69
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King Solomon Lodge 69 overview

Located in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, we are more than 125 years young. Our founders were businessmen, farmers, clergymen and professionals from the early families of the area. Some of these families are still represented in the Lodge, but our membership now covers a wider spectrum of society and more of the Outaouais and West Quebec. And, I should say, we have members from other parts of the globe, too!

As you explore our web-site, you can find general information of interest to non-Masons, and pages aimed at Masons. The public part tries to give an idea what the Freemasonry is about, and serve as a point of contact for those who want to know more about it. The part of the site reserved for our members contains more information about the planned Lodge activities, details on special events, and even an archive of the Lodge's past.

Please feel free to ask for more information on Freemasonry or to contact us.

Fraternally Bro. Brian Gay,
Worshipful Master

King Solomon Lodge N° 69 A.F. & A. M. G.R.Q. was instituted on February 25, 1886. It is a constituent lodge of the Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M. of Quebec  in the Ottawa District de l'Outaouais.

We meet every second Tuesday of each month except June, July and August, at 767 Aylmer Rd., Gatineau, QC

The Ottawa DDGM Right Worhipful Bro. Wayne Parker (left), and King Solomon Lodge's Master, Worshipful Brother Brian Gay (right) during the annual inspection, September 2013

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